NEWS16 April 2013

IAB Australia adds 18 months to Nielsen’s measurement deal

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AUSTRALIA — IAB Australia has extended Nielsen’s online audience measurement contract by 18 months.

Nielsen has been the IAB’s “sole and exclusive preferred supplier of online audience measurement” since May 2011.

Mobile volume traffic is included within the contract, however mobile audience data remains outside of the scope of the work while the IAB reviews available options and vendors. It formed its mobile council in October 2011.

Research director Gai Le Roy said: “With the explosion of mobile usage, one of the IAB’s key priorities is to identify a mobile audience measurement offering or offerings that are affordable, nimble and can be integrated into other media measurement systems to provide true, unduplicated cross-platform and cross-media audience data.”

  • IAB Australia has also announced that interim CEO Tony Prentice has stepped down. Prentice took over from Paul Fisher, who left IAB to join Nielsen in January. Samantha Yorke, director of regulatory affairs, has now been appointed acting CEO.