NEWS19 June 2024

Human8 launches AI innovation offer

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UK – Research consultancy Human8 has developed an innovation offer based on generative AI.

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The approach integrates artificial intelligence at various stages of the innovation process, from identifying areas of opportunity to optimising concepts.

One new tool is the 'Insight Reframing Canvas', which uses generative AI to identify patterns and identify insights that might previously have been missed.

Other applications of the Human8 AI-driven innovation proposition include AI-powered concept testing and optimisation, AI Market Pulse, which analyses rival product launches to detect emerging market trends and reverse-engineer problem statements, and workshops combining AI with human expertise to reframe insights and generate ideas. 

Amy Perifanos, chief portfolio officer at Human8, formerly InSites Consulting and Join the Dots, said the proposition would help clients to “solve real-world problems with greater efficiency and creativity”.