NEWS20 June 2023

Human8 hires 11 global partners

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BELGIUM – Insights consultancy Human8, formerly known as InSites Consulting, has appointed 11 new partners.


The partners will act as shareholders on a global group level and will take a key role in global strategic decision making.

Human8 has named the following as new partners: Amy Perifanos (US), Bob Yazbeck (US), Daniel Teixeira (Asia-Pacific), Delphine Vantomme (Europe, Middle East and Africa (Emea)), Ian Brown (Emea), Lisa McFarland (US), Mark Alvarez (Asia-Pacific), Paul Child (Emea), Stijn Poffé (Emea), Thomas Troch (US) and Timo Vandemaele (Emea).

The partners were selected following a two-month partner selection programme supported by an external leadership assessment.

As well as the new additions, a number of former partners have departed their role and become non-executive partners, while also remaining shareholders.

The departing partners include Henk Pretorius of South Africa, former co-founder and chief executive at Columinate; Quentin Ashby of the UK, former co-founder and chief executive at Join the Dots; and Erica van Lieven of Australia, former founder and chief executive at Direction First.

Kristof De Wulf, chief executive at Human8, said: “Our people are truly the foundation of our company, so it’s key we continue to grow and develop our leaders today and for the future.

“We take that even a step further with the partnership model we already embraced in the early days of founding our business. Partnership implies rewarding those that have had a significant impact on our people, clients and our business, allowing them to grow from business leaders to business owners.”