NEWS6 December 2023

Brands have key role to play in tackling climate change in US

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US – Brands are expected to take a central role to play in combating climate change, according to a study of US attitudes towards the climate crisis carried out by human-driven consultancy Human8.

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In Human8’s Global What Matters report, the company said that 78% of Americans felt brands had a pivotal role in securing the planet’s future, while 72% felt brands should embrace transparency and provide comprehensive information about sustainability efforts.

The research also found that 60% of respondents wanted more reliable ways to evaluate a brand’s true commitment to sustainability.

The findings are based on a four-part global study culminating in a global insight community across 10 markets and research with 13,028 consumers across 17 countries.

Human8 said the research showed that consumes are willing to adapt their lifestyles but cited a number of barriers to becoming more sustainable, with 46% mentioning cost, 43% accessibility of sustainable choices and 42% the need for education on viable sustainable practices.

The research showed that 32% of US consumers did not want sustainability to compromise product quality and 23% did not want convenience to be affected, while only 14% felt they currently led a sustainable lifestyle.

Concern about the future was seen in 72% of respondents, but 52% believed it was not too late for positive change.

Current actions among respondents to increasing the sustainability of their lifestyle included consuming less ( 40%), purchasing second-hand goods ( 38%), buying local products ( 37%) and avoiding single-use plastic items ( 35%).

However, 64% acknowledged the need for better information on the impact of their behaviour on the planet.

The report also covered attitudes to inclusivity, with 45% of respondents saying they find the battle against labels and assumptions around diversity and inclusion draining.

Human8 found that 14% of respondents actively supporting diversity through their consumption choices.

Katherine Ephlin, managing director, North America at Human8, said: “Woven throughout the narratives is a common thread – 70% of respondents believe that creating a better world is not something they can accomplish on their own.

“They express a collective yearning for visionary leaders, be they individuals, organisations or brands, to take the lead and drive meaningful change.”

Michael Thomas, brand transformation lead at Space Doctors US, which worked on the research, said: “These dimensions provide the context and ground for an additional eight cultural codes of transformation – these are the meaningful and actionable paths for adopting a regenerative mindset and identifying substantive, systemic solutions.”