NEWS28 March 2013

HubSpot offers Twitter analytics

Data analytics North America

US — Marketing software company HubSpot has unveiled an analytic tool for retweeted Twitters.

The Retweet Lab tool is aimed at helping companies use Twitter more effectively for branding or promotional purposes by grabbing old tweets to examine why the most retweeted tweets were retweeted.

Speaking to research-live, HubSpot’s social media scientist and Retweet Lab developer Dan Zarella said the tool was made because “my best practice, large dataset data, has always been in such high demand I wanted to allow people to generate that kind of data for their own accounts with their own data”.  

He added that although retweeting was valuable, ROI was always the end goal.

Zarella continued: “But retweeting can be part of your strategy, and I wanted to make it as easy as possible to capture and analyse that data.

“At HubSpot, we advocate that businesses align their social media practices with their business goals, so the tools I work with make it easy and fun for people to capture and analyze elements of their strategy.”