NEWS26 July 2010

Htec and CFI Group launch consumer behaviour prediction tool

Data analytics UK

UK— Loyalty technology firm Htec and customer satisfaction measurement agency CFI Group are partnering on a service that aims to help companies predict future customer behaviour based on their buying history.

Data from Htec’s various loyalty engines, which collect information at the point-of-sale, is passed on to CFI for analysis. As this process is repeated over a period of time, buying trends and patterns are uncovered, allowing retailers to make predictions for the future based on what their customers have already bought.

CFI runs the American Customer Satisfaction Index and the National Customer Satisfaction Index in the UK, both of which measure satisfaction, expectations, perceived quality and value, complaints and loyalty about consumer transactions from national panels of consumers.

Jeff Dakin, Htec’s head of data services said: “By linking Htec’s loyalty data to financial outcomes, companies can accurately calculate the return on investment a specific improvement or change generated, giving them a scientific way to prioritise efforts and resources.

“For example, a retailer may have used heavy discounting to attract customers but according to the analysis it was better customer service that had persuaded them to buy.”