NEWS8 November 2013

Heinz and Ebay back tests of new Conquest tool

Technology UK

UK — A new research tool, tested by Heinz and Ebay, has been launched by Conquest, claiming to “unlock the truth about consumers’ feelings and predict the authentic drivers of behaviour”.

The tool, Implicix, uses the same gamified and avatar-led animations employed by Conquest’s Metaphorix approach, which asks respondents to report their feelings by moving characters around within a number of different scenarios.

For example, respondents might be asked to express their excitement about a product by moving their avatar off the ground, or to demonstrate how close they feel to a brand by moving two characters closer together.

“This allows views to be expressed intuitively without the need to search for the vocabulary to ‘translate’ them,” says Conquest. In addition, it says its Implicix Matrix “correlates emotional significance with speed of reaction and accuracy in a given task to obviate the need for explicit questions”.

Pictured is Conquest MD David Penn.