NEWS23 May 2017

Havi launches analytics-driven marketing platform for restaurant industry

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US – Foodservice supply chain management company Havi has launched a prescriptive marketing platform built specifically for the restaurant industry.

Restaurant crop

The platform incorporates real-time analytics to prescribe and optimise marketing activities.

It allows marketers to forecast sales, profit and guest count impacts of planned limited time offers (LTOs); simulate performance of a new promotion up to 18 months in advance; track ongoing promotions and make real-time adjustments; get recommendations for new LTOs and promotions; gain visibility into the supply chain at a restaurant and menu-item level. 

“Too often, marketing teams at QSR [quick service restaurants] and fast casual restaurants base decisions about their marketing campaigns on instinct instead of analytics because the data is not readily available to effectively inform their strategies,” said Kristin Kranias, senior vice president, analytics solutions, Havi.

“Havi’s prescriptive marketing platform takes the guesswork out of planning LTOs and promotions so restaurant marketers can plan their annual and short-term marketing calendars with confidence and optimise the success of their campaigns.”