NEWS25 February 2010

Have you heard? IPA Touchpoints to get WOM metric


UK— The latest wave of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising’s (IPA) Touchpoints survey of media usage will feature a word-of-mouth metric to help brand owners identify ‘conversation catalysts’ in their product areas.

The IPA has partnered with word-of-mouth research specialists Keller Fay to incorporate some of their questions in the survey which, when used with the Touchpoints media data, aims to help planners find the most effective ways to reach these conversation starters – at what times and through which channel.

In a blog post, the Touchpoints team explains: “For each product category you will be able to calculate a ‘WOM’ target market. So for example if you were Vodafone or Orange and you were planning a campaign for the Apple iPhone you will be able to identify Conversation Catalysts for mobile phones and then calculate and see what your campaign delivers against your WOM target vs your buying targets and your planning targets in the Channel Planner . You could then adjust your campaign accordingly.”

Questions in the survey, which is being fielded by Ipsos, include:

  • Which of these product categories do you follow closely for new products, new style, new brands and/or companies etc?
  • And for which of these product categories do you frequently give advice, suggestions and ideas to other people, such as your friends and family?

Keller Fay says that ‘Conversation Catalysts’ are between two-and-a-half and eight time more likely than the average person to have conversations about brands, which can be a boost to advertising campaigns.

Data from Touchpoints Wave Three is expected in July. The project is overseen by IPA research director Lynne Robinson (pictured).