NEWS9 June 2015

Havas Media releases barometer to improve media inventory

Data analytics News

UK — Havas Media has launched its Meta Quality Barometer, designed by its Artemis Alliance, to update data across media inventory and improve campaign quality.

As well as improving online ad quality, the tool has also been developed to tackle fraud. A recent study from eMarketer found that ad fraud was the top concern for media buyers ( 33%) and suppliers ( 44%).

Using the data, the Barometer covers five main areas: compliance (matching impressions against purchased media); user experience (such as how long it takes pages to load); viewability and performance auditing; media content and brand safety (codes inserted in campaign tags allow Artemis Alliance to protect a brand’s image); and campaign distribution.

Artemis Alliance collects detailed and raw data from its technology partners such as Adledge, Catchpoint, ClarityAd and Hub’Scan, which is used to analyse and score the quality of the media inventory by industry, by market and by media owner.

Dominique Delport, global managing director of Havas Media Group (pictured) said: “Confidence in data quality is a critical issue for our industry. The scale of fraudulent inventory generated by sophisticated ‘bots’ is extremely concerning and neither media vendors nor agencies are safe. Our Artemis Alliance data platform now manages 100% of our online campaigns, harvesting over 300 bn secure and disaggregated data points each year.”

Rob Griffin, EVP, media futures & innovation, Havas Media Group said: “We can now pull in data from across all screens, technology companies and media partners to provide the first external, objective review of outcomes across the five critical areas of compliance, experience, impact, context and traffic.  While we can’t guarantee 100% viewability or zero fraud, we can make a commitment to our clients and our publishers to improve the quality of inventory available and make the information clear and easy to activate.”