NEWS14 August 2014

Hall & Partners launches Video Selfies

News UK

UK — Tapping into the cultural phenomenon of the moment, Hall & Partners has introduced Video Selfies to capture instant consumer feedback via YourWord mobile app.

In addition to quick surveys, members of the YourWord community can now film short video selfies using the mobile app, to share their responses to certain questions, and interactions with marketing stimulus.

The YourWord community is made up of members who are profiled on advanced attributes such as travel preferences, technology and electronic use,
hobbies and interests, retail shopping habits, and food and beverages choices — making desired consumers accessible to brands.

Hall & Partners’ global CEO, Vanella Jackson, said: “This helps us to get fast and overnight feelings on an ad, experience, or anything else that our clients are interested in. We also follow up at a later date and gauge whether instinctive feelings change over time. We can ask people how they feel about a particular set of advertising, and then see if those feelings still resonate weeks later or whether they become hardwired into the future memories of the brain.”