NEWS30 September 2015

Half of brand purchases not driven by need to replenish

News North America

US — Power of ‘pre-store’ digital engagement gives marketers an opportunity to influence purchase decisions, according to research from Nielsen.


Nielsen’s research on the influences on shopping routines has revealed that around half of brand purchases are not driven by a need to replenish.

Excluding replenish-driven purchases, the biggest influence on brand decisions before shopping are coupons ( 15%) and promotions ( 14%). While online resources are used 7% of the time, digital apparently drives how shoppers obtain coupons: they get more than 40% of the coupons used for brand purchases from websites ( 30%) and email/ mobile apps ( 11%).

Looking for coupons is reportedly the most popular pre-store digital activity ( 59%), followed by looking at emails/ online offers ( 28%) and managing shopping lists ( 27%).

Full results can be found here.