NEWS28 January 2022

GroupSolver adds new product feature to AI-powered survey platform

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US – San Diego-based market research start-up GroupSolver has launched LiveSlides, described as an intuitive, real-time reporting feature that functions as an alternative to traditional presentation-building tools.

Mobile phone with online survey

This development allows GroupSolver’s users to transform their survey data into slides with a push of a button. LiveSlides can be shared with colleagues, executive teams or customers as a weblink, or downloaded as a PDF.

Taking advantage of available templates and other automation tricks, subscribers can build dynamic presentations that tell the story of their data. LiveSlides saves researchers “days of analysis, eliminating the need to screeenshot or build charts manually”, according to GroupSolver.

GroupSolver chief executive Rasto Ivanic commented: “Because LiveSlides updates in real-time, researchers and their stakeholders can hear what their customers are telling them right here and right now.

“We will keep on expanding LiveSlides and adding new functionality to speed up the research process from business question to the ‘a-ha’ moment. That is the ask we heard from our customers, and that is what we are committed to as a company.”