NEWS30 July 2009

Granite Broadcasting drops Nielsen in all markets

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US— Granite Broadcasting has revealed that it has stopped using Nielsen ratings for all 12 of its TV stations – switching instead to International Demographics.

On Monday, International Demographics (ID) revealed that it would be working for Granite in four TV markets, but a spokeswoman for the broadcaster told Research today that all stations would now have their audiences measured by ID’s Media Audit survey

Four of Granite’s TV stations are NBC affiliates, three are affiliated to CBS and another three are affiliated to ABC. Of the other two stations, one is affiliated to MyNetwork TV and the other is independent.

Granite broadcasts in Buffalo, Elmira, Fresno, Fort Wayne, Duluth, Peoria, Superior, Syracuse, San Francisco, Binghampton and Detroit.

A Nielsen spokesman said: “We believe it is in the interest of all local TV stations to remain Nielsen clients so they can make programming and sales decisions based on the same information as the rest of the industry.  We hope that Granite will once again become a Nielsen client.”