NEWS11 November 2013

Google ‘testing Nielsen OCR deals on YouTube’

Data analytics North America

US — Google is inviting select advertising clients to begin testing YouTube ad campaigns sold using data from Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) service, according to Adweek.


OCR was designed as a gross ratings point-equivalent system for web advertising, and several brands and agencies have started making guaranteed buys using the system.

Until now, though, Google has been saying no to OCR deals on YouTube, says Adweek’s Mike Shields.

A Google spokesperson confirmed Google was now “partnering with industry leaders… to offer objective, credentialed, third-party measurement options”.

This includes ComScore’s validated Campaign Essentials (VCE) product, which became a Google-certified measurement provider before OCR, according to the spokesperson. “We’re working with both [VCE and OCR] on roll-out plans after we do early testing.”

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