NEWS22 October 2009

Google looks to deliver display campaign insights with new tool

Data analytics North America

US— Google is setting out to help display advertisers measure the brand lift of their online campaigns with a new tool that looks at changes in consumers’ search and browsing habits post-ad exposure.

The search giant says it can measures changes in brand awareness or active user interest by comparing two anonymised and aggregated sets of data: one, a group of thousands of web users who have seen a particular ad; and the other, a similar sized group who haven’t.

Google says the tool then measures whether there is any significant difference in searches and visits to the advertiser’s website between the two groups.

“Doing this, Google Campaign Insights can determine the incremental change that is directly attributable to the display ad campaign,” said Austin Rachlin, a blogger with Google’s Inside AdWords. “With this insight, advertisers can establish how well their display ad campaign is working.”

Previously Google’s display ad measurement capabilities had been limited to counting clicks, measuring click-through conversions and view-through conversion reporting, which measures visits to a company’s website from users who have seen that firm’s display ad in the past.

For now, the Campaign Insights tool is restricted to Google’s larger display ad clients in the US and UK, though it says it hopes to roll it out more widely over time.