NEWS17 May 2011

Google and Digitas combine for mobile insight project

M&A North America

US— Google and brand agency Digitas are teaming up on a project that aims to deliver mobile marketing insights and usage research.

The duo will combine their search and marketing data in a bid to forecast trends, help inform investment strategies and drive increased adoption and deployment of mobile-optimised websites.

Colin Kinsella (pictured), president of Digitas North America, said: “The mobile frontier is here and now, and we have a responsibility to our clients to drive an advanced point of view on navigating this terrain. Fundamentally, this starts with foresight and a progressive company like Google. We are both data-inspired organisations, who understand that data is the spotlight that turns opinions to insights and drives a smart, strategic marketing agenda. I’m thrilled we’ll be able to give these first looks to our clients.”

Google and Digitas have already released the project’s first set of findings, which highlight specific mobile trends over the Mother’s Day period – such as the most popular search terms.

Jason Spero, director of Google Mobile Ads, said: “The data is clear – people are using their mobile devices to find, shop and buy. But users are ahead of businesses right now. Businesses are not always ready to engage them on mobile. We hope to help marketers embrace mobile and embrace their customers with a positive experience on this critical platform.”