NEWS12 October 2010

Gone fishing – Authentic Response adds river sample method

North America

US— Online panel firm Authentic Response is rolling out an intercept sampling method – also known as ‘river’ sampling – to recruit non-panellists to take part in surveys.

Ahead of the launch Authentic Response commissioned David Bakken, the former chief science officer of Harris Interactive, now with KJT Group, to run a study comparing the results of surveys completed by panel and river respondents.

Bakken concluded that responses were “highly correlated” across the sampling methods – with the majority of difference between samples smaller than one percentage point.

A key finding, he said, was that intercept sampling can provide “broader reach into demographic targets that are typically less likely to be represented in opt-in panels”.

Bakken said: “The results indicate that blending sample obtained by different methods is one way to reduce some of the coverage limitations associated with any single sampling method or source.”

Intercept sampling typically sees web users recruited via pop-ups, ads or other click-through opportunities on websites.

Authentic Response, headed by CEO Jim Follett (pictured), plans to commission a follow-up study investigating best practices in blending river and panel sample.