NEWS26 January 2018

Giraffe Insights launches Youth Squads

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UK – Specialist youth, kids and family research agency, Giraffe Insights, has set up a research project partnering with DC Thomson Media called Youth Squads.


The aim of the research is to better understand 7- to 14-year-olds through segmentation to help brands communicate and engage with that age group.

As part of the Youth Squads study, Giraffe Insights identified commonalities among young people such as: how they develop as they get older; the role family plays; the importance of friendship and the use of technology.

The segmentation – into 11 ‘youth squads’ – has focused on the extent to which these influences play a part in young people’s lives and their subsequent differences in attitudes and behaviours.

Maxine Fox, managing director of Giraffe Insights said: “The research demonstrates that although influences in young people’s lives are constantly evolving as a result of technological and societal change, a number remain constant, not least the essential role that friends and family play.”