NEWS6 September 2018

GfK MRI partners with E-Poll

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US – GfK MRI and E-Poll Market Research have jointly developed and launched a platform to help align celebrities, consumers and brands.

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The MRI/E-Score Celebrity Fusion gives strategic guidance to agencies, advertisers and content providers to help choose endorsers and spokespeople, aligning product  and media placements, and other celebrity-based decision making.

MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer covers the consumption of more than 6,500 products and services across almost 600 categories while E-Poll’s  E-Score research products include critical awareness, appeal and attribute measures for over 10,000 celebrities.

Karen Ramspacher, senior vice-president of innovation and insights at MRI, said: “Only through careful alignment of talent, customer, category, and brand can celebrity marketing truly pay dividends. By bringing together two unmatched resources – one focused on consumer lifestyles, the other celebrity appeal – we are creating a multi-dimensional tool for placing smarter bets on celebrity marketing.”