NEWS1 October 2010

GfK MRI gets granular with new marketing mix modelling data portal

North America Technology

US— GfK MRI has released its new Granularity data portal from beta testing, promising “more precise” weekly and local magazine readership data for use in marketing mix modelling.

CEO Kathi Love (pictured) says magazine readership “has long been disadvantaged” compared to other media in marketing mix models owning to a lack of data on weekly issue-specific readership on a local market basis.

“Granularity offers this level of detail,” she says.

Data available through the portal is derived from GfK MRI’s Audience Accumulation Study, the Issue Specific Readership Study and the Market-by-Market Study.

According to GfK MRI, Granularity users are able to extract insertion schedules from their media systems, feed the schedules into the online portal, specify the desired output criteria (time periods, markets, demographics) and download model-ready data.

The Granularity system was first announced in December.