NEWS24 September 2014

German smartphone users favour apps over online browsing


GERMANY — German smartphone users spend 85% of their online time on mobile apps, compared to just 15% mobile browsing, according to new research from GfK.

The research also showed that German smartphone users unlock their smartphones 33 times a day, use 37 different apps, visit 59 different websites per month and spend 244 minutes online gaming on their smartphones each month. They spend well over half of their total online time on their smartphones: 59% compared to 41% on their desktop at home.

The most popular online activities for Germany’s smartphone users are as follows:

  1. Mailing/ instant messaging/ chat
  2. News/ information
  3. Forum/ networking/ dating
  4. Gaming/ gambling
  5. Online video/ podcasts
  6. Shopping/ auctions

The data comes from the June 2014 GfK Media Efficiency Panel (MEP), which is in the process of being rolled out to other countries. Further findings can be accessed here.