NEWS15 December 2017

GeoSpark Analytics releases BlueGlass

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US – Location-based information start-up GeoSpark Analytics has launched BlueGlass, its AI-powered data analytics platform for risk and threat assessment.

GeoSpark Analytics was founded in July 2017 to commercialise geospatial product technology developed by OGSystems, a technology firm serving the US Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

BlueGlass aggregates millions of data points and provides machine speed reporting on trends and events in specified geographic areas.

BlueGlass collects data from a wide range of open source data feeds – such as social media, global events, radio frequencies and seismic activity reports, as well as proprietary sources – including satellite imagery, signals location data, IoT device data, and executive travel schedules.

In addition Zero Gravity Capital has led the seed funding round of $2 million, joining current investor General Catalyst.

Omar Balkissoon, CEO of GeoSpark, said: "Government and corporate leaders need to plan and react with the best information available and with speed. We built BlueGlass to answer the question ‘what’s happening here and why?'

"Today, data is abundant, but chaotic. Organising all of the data at our disposal by location, frequency, and time provides a complete picture that is more than the sum of its parts."