NEWS7 July 2022

Gen Z looking to spend more on travel, finds YouGov study

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UK – A new travel report from YouGov has found that three-quarters of Gen Zers are planning travel in the next 12 months and 44% say they will be spending more on it compared with other leisure time activities. 

Group of Gen Zers going on holiday

Reconnecting with the people they love is one of the top activities Gen Z hopes to do more of in the next 12 months. There’s also pent-up excitement to return to physical stores, in-person events and vacations, either at home or abroad.  

Data reveals that social media is the primary source accessed among 39% of 18-24-year-olds in terms of making travel plans, higher than recommendations from family and friends 

A fifth of global adults intend to spend more on travel products and services in the next 12 months ( 21%) compared to the previous year, rising to just over one in four amongst Gen Zers ( 26%), with millennials following closely ( 25%). 

Gen Z’s  favourite type of travel, listed by 26% of respondents, is visiting family and friends again. Psychographic data from YouGov’s new report reveals that Gen Z travellers are more likely to revisit familiar destinations, with 40% agreeing they usually go back to the same places on vacation – the highest of any other age group. 
This finding, coupled with the idea that Gen Z travellers seek out experiences for social media content ( 43%), can help brands fine tune their content and messaging to draw these travellers back to places of comfort and familiarity, says the report.

The study notes that for marketers, “it will be absolutely necessary to understand how to engage with this cohort of travellers. They are social, they want to be entertained and expect personalisation and tailored, unique offerings.”