NEWS30 June 2022

Gekko partners with CloudArmy on neuroscience

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UK – Customer experience marketing agency Gekko has partnered with behavioural insight firm CloudArmy on a neuroscience research service for brands.

Daniel Todaro

The partnership will see both companies work on a number of neuroscience techniques to help examine unconscious and conscious reactions to test a range of attributes, including brand recognition, responses to brand assets and brand perception.

CloudArmy runs a global online methodology that tests measure responses using smartphones to test stimuli and rapid responses and lexical decision making. 

A trial of the partnership with 200 respondents will be used to help Gekko advise brands on in-store displays and messaging.

Daniel Todaro (pictured), managing director at Gekko, said: “We are delighted to announce this pioneering service, combining our expertise in retail customer journeys and experiences with CloudArmy’s neuroscience insights.

“Neuroscience is the new frontier of understanding human behaviour and this technology truly enables brands to uncover the truth about what customers really think about your brand, as opposed to what they might say.”

Thom Noble, president at CloudArmy, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Dan and his talented team to collaborate on deeper-level evaluation and optimisation of strategy and design.

“We believe the blending of science-based approaches helps augment the creativity of interventions to deliver more compelling and powerful experiences and behavioural nudges.”