NEWS14 January 2022

GBK Collective partners with Qualtrics

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US – Marketing strategy, consumer behaviour and analytics consultancy GBK Collective has partnered with Qualtrics, which offers experience management (XM) services.

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Through the partnership, GBK will work with customers to apply real-time analytics and predictive insights to make decisions using the Qualtrics XM Platform.

The platform empowers organisations to drive brand impact and keep up to date with prevailing market trends. The partnership with GBK provides Qualtrics customers with another layer of analysis to improve their brand tracking programmes even further, unlocking new insights to inform key decisions from product and customer experience enhancement to campaign effectiveness.

“GBK and Qualtrics both have solid roots in the world of academia and share a common vision when it comes to applying better data, insights and expertise to help leading brands solve problems, improve decision-making and create sustainable growth,” said GBK chief executive Jon Greenwood. “Together with Qualtrics, we’re applying real-time data and analytics methodologies to deliver actionable business intelligence, further building on the value of the Qualtrics XM Platform.”

RJ Filipski, global head of ecosystem at Qualtrics, added: “As consumer expectations continue to evolve, brands need a differentiated strategy to help them deliver experiences that create meaningful connections with their customers. With Qualtrics’ technology and GBK’s established expertise, brands can more easily make data-driven decisions that sustain long-term growth and build lifelong loyalty.”