NEWS3 August 2020

Future Thinking UK rebranded as Savanta

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UK – Future Thinking’s UK division is now operating under the Savanta brand name following its acquisition earlier this year.

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Savanta bought Future Thinking UK for an undisclosed sum in February. Future Thinking’s Bulgarian-based data science and analytics firm Gemseek and Future Thinking France were not acquired in the deal.

Savanta was formed in 2019, following the merger of Next 15-owned MIG Global’s data businesses Morar HPI, Viga, Charterhouse and Circle. The company later acquired the research division of Wealth-X, ComRes and HSR Associates.

Along with the name change, Future Thinking has now been integrated into the broader Savanta business.

Paul Bath, global chief operating 0fficer, Savanta, said: "The rebrand was the final stage of the integration and we are delighted to be unified with our new colleagues under Savanta. The team have brought a wealth of knowledge and specialist skills to Savanta, benefiting not only our clients but our internal teams as well.

"We look forward to our future together and are grateful to the Future Thinking management team for seamlessly transitioning the team and client relationships to Savanta, especially given the difficult market conditions."

Steve King, head of customer experience, Future Thinking, added: "The Future Thinking management team are delighted to complete the integration of Future Thinking into the broader Savanta business. Over the past six months we have been extremely proud of the commitment and professionalism of both teams in ensuring we achieve this, while dealing with very testing external influences."