NEWS7 July 2010

Frustrated STB data chief Manish Bhatia leaves Nielsen

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US— Manish Bhatia, Nielsen’s president of advanced digital services, has left the firm after becoming frustrated with the amount of time the media community was taking to implement set-top box strategies.

Bhatia (pictured) was given the newly created role last year with a remit of finding ways to integrate data from digital set-top devices into Nielsen’s traditional TV and online measurement services.

However, things did not move as fast as he hoped and a Nielsen spokesman told Research today that he left the firm at the end of June.

Spokesman Gary Holmes said: “He was disappointed with how slowly the media community was moving on STB issues. He comes from the internet world and people had been talking to him about different opportunities and he left on 30 June.”

As a result of his departure, Holmes said that Nielsen was taking the opportunity to “rethink the best way to integrate our STB services into our day-to-day operations”.

The firm will continue testing STB data collected in three local markets and comparing it with other TV audience information to determine how best to integrate it with other current measurements.

On the personnel front, Matt Grady – currently responsible for leading the development and improvement of cross-media platform, TV, online and mobile measurement, will be responsible for seeking out and testing ways to incorporate STB data into national and multi-platform products.

Cheryl Idell, responsible for overseeing all local TV measurement product development, will take charge of STB data use in local products and Pat Dineen will now manage STB data relationships with TV service providers.