NEWS3 November 2021

French martech companies merge

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FRANCE – Software-as-a-system (SaaS) predictive marketing business D-Aim and marketing platform Splio have agreed a merger to create a marketing technology company focused on data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

Mireille Messine and Stephane Amarsy

The combined martech business,  Splio + D-Aim, will employ around 250 employees in nine offices across Europe, North America, China and the Middle East and North Africa.

The merged company has raised €10m funding for set-up costs, and has support from finance businesses Ring Capital, Sofiouest, Alliance Entreprendre, Omnes Capital and Swen Capital.

Splio + D-Aim will seek to develop a new SaaS platform which the company said would cover the “entire value chain of relationship marketing”.

The platform will include data structuring, marketing activation, augmented customer knowledge and marketing individuation engines, supported by AI.

Stéphane Amarsy (pictured right), chief executive and founder of D-Aim, will be chairman of the board for the merged company.

Mireille Messine (pictured left), chief executive of Splio, will be chief executive officer for Splio + D-Aim.

D-Aim was set up three years ago and renamed D-Aim in 2020. It runs the Individuation Marketing platform, which use data mining and AI to make marketing decisions for customers.

Splio is a marketing platform focused on retailers and food industry brands, and helps companies acquire, retain and engage customers across multiple channels.

Messine said: “Customer marketing has reached saturation, with brands investing more and more for less and less return on investment every year.

“We need to go back to basics, let marketers focus on the customer and on their core business, while AI takes care of repetitive tasks and detects opportunities.”

Amarsy said: “Beyond a human encounter with shared values, the merger with Splio empowers our customers with considerable operational possibilities.”