NEWS10 September 2010

Founder Institute selects AYTM for entrepreneur training

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US— DIY survey platform AskYourTargetMarket has been selected as the official research tool for companies participating in the entrepreneur training programme at the Founder Institute, an organisation that helps technology start-up companies accelerate their growth.

Start-ups taking part in the Institute’s entrepreneur training scheme will be able to use the self-service tool to quiz AYTM’s consumer panel on projects such as testing new concepts before they are launched.

The Founder Institute CEO and Adeo Rossi (pictured) said: “Market research is a key component in the planning process of a start-up. We are excited to make AYTM the market research tool of choice for our startups and now strongly encourage Founder Institute companies to utilise it.”

AskYourTargetMarket went live in early 2009.