NEWS1 November 2022

Forsta adds predictive analytics

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UK & PORTUGAL – Market research technology business Forsta has partnered with customer experience data company GemSeek to add predictive net promoter scores (pNPS) to its platform.  

Predictive NPS uses existing operational, customer and financial data as a source for a machine learning model that assigns satisfaction scores to customers who don’t respond to surveys or share direct feedback.

The model combines behavioural data, including CRM data and demographics, with customer satisfaction data from survey responses from across a customer base. Data science methodologies are then used to identify which factors have the biggest impact on customer experience.

The analytics are now part of Forsta’s ‘human experience’ platform, which covers customer experience, employee experience and market research.

Giles Whiting, chief operating officer and managing director at Forsta, said: “These capabilities will enable our clients to cater to their customer needs in a proactive and personalised fashion and optimise their customer experience approach.”