NEWS10 May 2023

Forsta creates data visualisation tool

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UK – Market research, customer experience and employee experience technology company Forsta has released a visualisation and data storytelling tool.

Trends abstract image

Forsta Studio Canvas will be integrated into its Human Experience platform, and will combine data with imagery to help illustrate customer and employee journeys.

The company said reports created using the tool would update live based on real-time data, helping users to quickly identify patterns and trends, and craft a visualised story around the data.

Giles Whiting, chief operating officer and managing director at Forsta, said: “The ability to tell clear visual stories with data equips customer experience professionals to bring customers further into the organisation and better rally their organisations around shared goals.

“By presenting key insights, patterns, and trends in an accessible way, they can cut through siloes to encourage collaborative activation that creates change.”