NEWS18 November 2013

Former Google executives launch analytics firm

Asia Pacific News

SINGAPORE — Three Google alumni have launched Sparkline, a web and mobile data analytics firm.

Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Aleetza Senn and Timo Jotsen spent a combined total of nearly 20 years at Google, working across performance marketing, analytics and tecnology partnerships and digital marketing strategy.

The launch comes as the Singapore government identifies analytics as a key national focus area, and has committed to training 2,500 analytics professionals by 2017. Sparkline has been created to provide firms with customised data analytics and strategic solutions. It uses the analytics tools of its global technology partners – Google, Adobe, Marketshare, Optimisely and others – to analyse marketing, products and customers.

“Data can provide valuable real-time insights into actual behaviour, and help companies better anticipate demand and better serve customers,” said Senn (pictured). “But the data itself creates significant challenges – complexity, size, volume, speed – that many companies are not equipped to manage.”

For more information, visit their website.