NEWS21 June 2013

Former Beachmint execs launch CampaignEQ

Data analytics North America

US — Former Beachmint executives have teamed up to launch a cloud-based web and mobile marketing attribution platform for advertisers and affiliate managers.

Former head of product at e-commerce company Beachmint William Belk and former director of acquisitions Dirk McGregor have set up CampaignEQ to provide ease-of-use lifetime revenue per customer tracking, mobile attribution and optimisation.

CampaignEQ allows marketers to route visitors by device and test multiple landing pages per device, tracking every action all the way back to the click.

Belk said: “In the multi-channel attribution world, the popular products are built for the networks, not the mid-level advertisers who spend all day managing publishers and affiliate and lead-generation programs. Something as simple as generating a tracking link is made to be an arduous and complex task. It’s fun to design a new system from the ground up that can save marketers 50% of their time.”