NEWS16 August 2010

FocusVision upgrades video focus group technology

North America Technology

US— Focus group video technology firm FocusVision has upgraded its InterVu product by adding new features that it claims will better support client and research needs.

The InterVu service, which allows users to conduct research across different locations with the aid of two-way audio and visual capabilities, now incorporates an archive tool which lets researchers make clips and reels of focus group discussions.

Other functions include the ability to let users mark their research and produce downloadable audio podcasts.

The firm said that video-enabled focus groups will remain its “core business strategy” and it plans to roll out further products to help clients reach hard-to-reach participants through online services.

CEO Eric Grosogeat said: “There is still a large need for focus groups today, and the outlook is for more ways of conducting qualitative research.” The ability to conduct interviews is also proving to be a “valuable service offering” for the firm, Grosogeat said.