NEWS24 February 2010

Five firms form co-creation ‘collective’

News UK

UK— Five companies have come together to form a ‘collective’ of organisations and individuals interested in promoting and developing co-creation.

The founder members of the Co-Creation Hub are co-creation agency Face, ad agency Farm, media agency Opticomm, design agency Touch of Mojo and social media specialist Thrudigital.

The group say they are “actively looking for organisations and individuals from different fields to share their way of thinking, to get involved and help develop the co-creation movement’.

The hub is founded on three key tenets: the constant involvement of consumers throughout the marketing planning and communication process; the treatment of co-creation as a continuous process with no end points, and the creation and maintenance of online and offline communities.

Its first project aims to crowdsource ideas from the public about how to make London a better place.

The organisers of the London-based group are hoping that it will be the first of many, with their eyes on other regions including Latin America, Asia and the US.

Andrew Needham of Face, one of the key instigators of the Co-Creation Hub, said: “In the next decade brands must adapt or die… Social media isn’t simply another channel, it has fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with brands. We need a more collaborative, adaptive and continuous model of marketing – one that is based on the core co-creation principle of doing things with people, not at them.”