NEWS13 August 2010

First Insight launches shopping game to capture customer insight

North America Technology

US— Retail software developer First Insight has developed an online game that aims to help retailers gather consumer insight and build better relationships with customers.

In the game, which is called ‘Sold’, players must run their own shop, which is stocked with real and upcoming products. They must choose which items to have on their inventory and then decide how much to charge for each item.

During the game First Insight collects players’ opinions about product selections, price points and perceived value before using predictive analytics to offer them new merchandise for their ‘shop’.

First Insight said that as more people play the game, clients can collect customer sentiment and feeling about their products and understand which consumer segments are most likely to use which products.

The firm said that retail clients using the game will also be able to create “meaningful client relationships” with participants.

Greg Petro, First Insight’s CEO said: “As the power of influence continues to shift to the consumer, there is a growing trend among retailers to find innovative ways to stay connected. Consumers are gaining a more active voice. As such, Sold provides our retail clients with a unique opportunity to build meaningful customer relationships, collect authentic consumer insight and create more strategic merchandising plans.”


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14 years ago

The game is a great idea however how do I get to that game?

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