NEWS1 August 2017

Female stereotypes in advertising: ‘nothing has changed in 10 years’

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US – According to a new study from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and JWT, brands are failing to address the use of female stereotypes in their advertising. 

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This news follows the publishing of a major review into gender stereotyping from the Advertising Standards Authority, which may lead to stronger regulation of ads. 

This latest research analysed the shortlisted and prize-winning English language entries in the Film and Film Craft categories at Cannes Lions between 2006 and 2016, incorporating around 2,00 pieces of content.

“Over ten years: Zero. Nada. Nothing has changed,” said Madeline Di Nonno, CEO of the Geena Davis Institute.

“Women are [still] only in 5% of ads by themselves; men are speaking seven times more; and men are shown on screen four times more. [Women are] not smart. We’re not funny. We don’t have jobs. We’re in the kitchen. And we’re not leaders.”