NEWS26 March 2019

Facebook and Google dominating UK digital ad market

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UK – Google and Facebook’s combined share of the digital ad market will reach 63% in 2019, according to eMarketer.

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Its latest UK digital ad forecast predicts that the total UK digital ad market will grow more than 11% to reach £14.73bn this year.

Google will take a 38.8% share of the UK digital ad market, virtually unchanged from last year, at £5.72bn while Facebook will account for 24.5%, up from 22.7% last year, equating to £3.62bn. 

Bill Fisher eMarketer UK analyst said: “The duopoly’s stranglehold on the UK digital advertising market is strengthening, with Brexit uncertainties being the main driver of this trend,” explained. “In the first instance, digital is attracting ad dollars because there is less friction in terms of moving spend into or out of it. That’s something that cost-conscious ad buyers are particularly mindful of, given the current economic climate.”