NEWS24 May 2019

Google facing Irish privacy probe

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IRELAND – The Irish data protection regulator has begun an inquiry into how Google’s Ad Exchange processes personal data.

The probe has arisen from the Data Protection Commission (DPC)’s wider ongoing investigation into data protection compliance in personalised online advertising.

The DPC said it had received a number of submissions against Google, including from web browser Brave, which claimed that the company’s DoubleClick/Authorized Buyers system has led to a “massive and ongoing data breach”.

The watchdog will establish whether Google’s processing of personal information during advertising transactions complies with GDPR. Google’s data retention practices will also be examined.

A Google spokesperson said: “We will engage fully with the DPC’s investigation and welcome the opportunity for further clarification of Europe’s data protection rules for real-time bidding. Authorised buyers using our systems are subject to stringent policies and standards.”