NEWS23 May 2013

Face puts name to Angry MR Client

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UK — The person behind @Angry_MR_Client, a popular Twitter account dedicated to ranting about agency bad practice, has been revealed as Oana Stroie, formerly of Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

Oana Stroie

Not angry anymore: Oana Stroie

Stroie unmasked herself on quitting Philips to join the research agency Face as an account manager in its UK qualitative research team.

Announcing her appointment on the company blog, Stroie said that: “Unofficially, I’m an undercover client inside an agency, using my insider knowledge to make sure that our clients get the best service and actionable results out of their partnership with Face.”

Stroie will be retiring the @Angry_MR_Client handle next week, but will continue to tweet as @OanaStroie. She said: “As sad as it will be to close off the Angry chapter, I believe that as with any good story there comes a right time to end it and move on.”

While at Philips, Stroie managed the Philips Online Consumer Communities, and lead “breakthrough innovation research projects and perform[ed] Big Data analytics related to Philips innovations”, according to a statement.

She joins Face alongside Erika Ammerman, the company’s new head of social media research. Ammerman was previously with NM Incite and Buzzmetrics, the joint venture between AC Nielsen and McKinsey, where she was research director for Europe.

Ammerman said: “I’m thrilled to join Face at such an exciting time for global expansion of the social team and Pulsar TRAC. The resources we have in strategy consulting, research expertise, and technological capability are unbeaten and I can’t wait to lead the team towards even greater achievements.”


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11 years ago

What a shame that Oana is giving up her anonymity. She could have relaunched as @sardonicMRsupplier (give her time..)

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