NEWS4 August 2010

Face looks into how researchers use social media


UK— Co-creation and social media researcher Face, together with the London Co-Creation Hub, is conducting a study of how market researchers use social media.

Face said the study “will be a comprehensive look at social media trends in the research industry and will cover all aspects of research, from brand teams, to agencies, to freelancers”.

The agency is running an online survey asking about market researchers’ social media lives as the first stage of the study.

The plan is for the ‘Social media in research’ study to become an annual occurence, with the first results due to be published in October.



10 years ago

Love the idea, but surprised the Qre designer didn't provide options for more MR stakeholder types: panel companies, MR software companies, MR media companies, and MR training companies. Also, maybe I am being too "American" but I am not sure all of my clients would select "brand." to indicate client-side MR. Perhaps this is all by design though.

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10 years ago

Hi Kathryn, thanks for your feedback. Agree with you on Client-Side, we can add that alongside Brand. When it comes to the MR stakeholder types, for this first study we are looking at establishing correlations between broader categories like qual/quant or agency/client/gov and the use of social media. The next chapter could definitely be about digging deeper in each category... cheers, Fran

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