NEWS22 September 2020

Eyeota collaborates with ID5 on cookie-less ID

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US – Audience technology platform Eyeota has integrated with shared identity infrastructure ID5’s universal ID tool for global advertising as part of a shift away from third-party cookies. 

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ID5 provides an encrypted, first-party ID that allows publishers to identify people on whatever browser they use.

The agreement will support Eyeota’s audience identity resolution product, which connects multiple pieces of identifying information with a single individual.

Audience identity resolution allows marketers to access people-based audiences without the need for third-party cookies, and ID5 will allow Eyeota to identify users in a cookie-less environment.

Cookies are being phased out by many of the world’s most popular browsers, with Google moving away from the technology by 2022.

Eyeota has also updated its audience identity resolution to accept new types of identification to associate with a particular user, such as first-party cookies, mobile advertising IDs and hashed email addresses.

Kristina Prokop, chief executive and co-founder of Eyeota, said: “Our integration with ID5 allows us to better support the cookie-less digital advertising ecosystem by remaining ID agnostic.

“We are already seeing an overlap of more than 65% between our publisher partners and the ID5 universal ID, which will only continue to increase over the coming months.”

Mathieu Roche, chief executive and co-founder at ID5, said the integration of the two platforms “helps prepare data owners, marketers and agencies for a data-driven future without third-party cookies”.