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NEWS27 May 2016

European Commission proposes change to TV advertising limits

Europe Media News

EUROPE — The European Commission is proposing limiting TV ads to 20% of total daily broadcast time, rather than the current limit of 12 minutes in each hour. 

The move, one of a number of updated audiovisual rules, comes as part of its Digital Single Market strategy

The proposal around TV advertising limits is intended to give broadcasters more flexibility: currently the limit to advertising time is 12 minutes per hour (in the UK it is even stricter – ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are allowed an average of seven minutes per hour, with a maximum of 12 minutes in any one hour).

The proposed update – an overall limit of 20% of broadcast time between 7am and 11pm –  would mean that broadcasters can choose more freely when to show ads throughout the day, and could mean a greater number of prime time ads. 

Other proposed updates include producing a code of content for video-sharing platforms, a stronger role for audiovisual regulators, and more European creativity – that is, a greater emphasis on European content.

More information can be found here.