NEWS30 August 2013

Europe, North America more positive, but global economic mood unchanged


US — Economic sentiment around the world remains unchanged, on average, with just 36% of people thinking that the economic situation is good, according to the latest results from Ipsos’s Economic Pulse of the World report.

However, when drilling down into individual regions, Ipsos found that Europeans had become more positive. 28% now think the economic situation is good, up from 25% in March.

By country, Belgium saw the biggest improvement in positive sentiment – a 10-point increase to 37%. Sweden increased five points to 76% while Great Britain was up four to 23%.

Meanwhile in North American sentiment improved by one point to 49%. Canadians became slightly less optimistic – down one point to 65% – while the US improved by two points to 33%.

Asia-Pacific was the only region to reflect no change at all, holding firm at 41%, although China was up seven points to 66% while Japan was up three to 21%. India was down seven points to 53% while Australia remained unchanged at 57%.

Latin America saw a two-point dip to 28%, reflecting a severe downward trend in Brazil – down nine points to 26% – while the Middle East and Africa saw a one-point decline in sentiment to 50%.