NEWS22 November 2013

Environics Analytics and Vision Critical announce data partnership

News North America

CANADA — Environics Analytics (EA) and Vision Critical have announced a partnership to allow customers to access insights from online surveys and segment the results.

The deal means that EA will classify Vision Critical’s online survey of 125,000 members by PRIZM, the segmentation system with 66 lifestyle types. VIsion Critical is also allowing EA to create and sell PRIZM profiles of 3,550 variables, collected semi-annually from the panel, in 17 categories such as health, technology and telecommunications and retail and consumer goods.

“We are delighted to form this partnership with Vision Critical,” said Jan Kestle, president and founder of EA. “For businesses and not-for-profits, this agreement will mean access to more data to better connect with customers from all segments of Canadian society.”

Ed Morawski, president and global COO of Vision Critical, added: “With our synergies across marketing, sales and strategic planning, we have a significant opportunity to develop more innovative products and services at both companies that will ultimately deliver compelling benefits for businesses across Canada.”