NEWS30 March 2020

Empower launches faster localisation service

Covid-19 News UK

UK – Insight localisation agency, Empower, has released a rapid-response translation and localisation service to ease time-pressures for researchers conducting global Covid-19-related research.

EMPOWER Covid-19 press release image_crop

The service covers all markets globally and certain language services, such as translation, audiovisual transcription/translation, coding and verbatim.

Rapid-Response Localisation includes instant quoting, a 24/7 client service, multi-market coordination assistance and significantly shorter turnaround schedules, with localisation times reduced by at least 50% for global research projects.

John Temple, CCO of Empower, said: "Generally, Covid-19-related research has to be exceptionally responsive to almost hourly developments around the world. ‘Yet global research is only as fast as all of its moving parts. That’s why the localisation process required revolutionising in a way that empowers accurate, time-sensitive insights."