NEWS18 July 2016

Emoji messaging campaigns see 600% increase in 12 months

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US — The number of consumer messaging campaigns that included emojis increased by more than 600% over the past 12 months, according to new research. 

The research, from mobile marketing automation firm Appboy, revealed that more than 800m emoji messages were sent in June 2016, compared with 145m sent in June 2015. It also showed that the open rates for iOS and Android push notifications containing emojis increased by 210% and 1,063% respectively year-on-year. This suggests an improvement in targeting of consumers who are more likely to be interested in receiving them. 

The research, based on a poll of 500 consumers, also showed that conversion rates associated with emoji messaging increased 135% over that time. This effect has not been shown to be exclusively a result of emojis, however. 

The findings were released ahead of World Emoji Day, on Sunday July 17. 

Commenting on the rise of emoji, Jamie Bolding, co-founder and CEO of content network Jungle Creations, said: “In the last decade, emoji have seen an incredible rise in popularity, becoming synonymous with the millennial generation. People use them for a variety of reasons; to showcase their linguistic dexterity, amplify emotions or soften the blow of criticism. In addition, emoji allow for a near-universal method of expression – they can be understood, regardless of a person’s language, which is something social media platforms have been looking to leverage for a while.

“Snapchat, Instagram and, most recently, Facebook with its reaction buttons have all embraced the emoji phenomenon as a way to engage audiences. Brands have been late to the party, but are starting to step up their game by jumping on the bandwagon. From Mentos to IKEA and Coca-Cola’s ‘emoticokes', branded emoji are the new thing in the emojisphere.”