NEWS18 July 2022

EMI introduces sample quality metric

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US – EMI Research Solutions has launched a new sample quality metric called SQOR, a sample quality optimisation rating.

Group of people and sample selection

Developed over the past year and a half to help EMI deliver “optimal quality” for clients and panels in its network, SQOR considers pre-study traffic health, in-study participant behaviours and post-study data validity consistency to create a data quality calculation.

SQOR is leveraged across EMI, from monitoring and tracking panel partner performance to being used by its sample specialists in crafting strategic sample blends for the agency’s clients.

“SQOR is the latest addition to our industry-leading suite of data quality solutions and will continue to allow us to provide our clients with the highest-quality data they have come to expect from EMI,” commented chief operating officer Beth Teehan.

“SQOR allows EMI to use historical data to gain expert level knowledge of how best to work with the suppliers in our partner network.”

Mary Draper, the company’s director of network partners and quality, added: “The goal was to develop a metric that would give us a more comprehensive view of quality across the panel providers in our eco-system.

“We can track which types of projects met expectations or were problematic, what markets panels have healthier acceptance rates, and which customers have had the most success with SQOR-based strategic sample blends.

“Armed with this data, we are able to provide actionable feedback to the supplier on areas that need improvement and explore opportunities for growth.”