NEWS17 December 2013

Effective Measure adds data service for ecommerce sites

Asia Pacific Data analytics

AUSTRALIA — Online measurement firm Effective Measure has rolled out a new service, called SHOP, to provide audience data to ecommerce retailers.

The company claims to have “consolidated control over tracking the online experience, utilising data from visitor analytics, tag management, and demographic profiles and sampling into one open-source dashboard platform”.

Data collated and reported by SHOP includes demographic profiles and competitive profiles. The company says SHOP users can also track site visitation across digital platforms to discover audience insights by device type and usage patterns.

Effective Measure’s group director of brand insights, Michael Robertson said: “The SHOP platform uncovers audience profiles and tracks consumer behaviour across each stage of the buying cycle, from discovery, comparison, engagement, conversion, transaction and retention. For marketers, having this data allows them to turn their websites into a rich data bank that allows them to create a deeper, personalised or bespoke experience with each customer.”